Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Organization and Strategy

One of the great things about my business is that I meet great people. I am constantly meeting people that surprise me with who they are and what they are doing. One of the major themes that I consistently find among these people are the skills they have within themselves to stay organized. Organization is an essential skill to success. This new year has brought more business to me in the form of new and existing clients needing my services.

With this added demand, I now feel more need to remain organized within the small working environment that I have. Fortunately I have stayed in front of all the demand by keeping organized in various ways and I am finding new means of handling the increased traffic to my business. The main focus I have developed recently is the use of teams. It is very important in any endeavor to use a team of professionals that you can delegate tasks to in order to get them all accomplished in time.

Real Estate investing is a demanding and fun field to be involved in, but be prepared to work hard, continually learn, and to be challenged daily.

To our success,

Geoff Dearing

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