Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Bailout? Who is really being bailed out and will it actually help?

I have been doing some reading and thinking about this bailout that keeps getting resurrected and I am wondering how it will actually effect things in the economy overall. I feel like things were starting to pan out and finally were reaching some stability, when they through this huge wrench into the wheels. This country is founded upon democracy, capitalism, and freedom. I don't agree with the government coming to the rescue every time a failed business needs a boost, that is part of the system working itself out.

I have seen some positive things come out of this situation. For one, We are seeing continued low interest rates in the housing market. I am contemplating building a home right now because the builder is offering a brand new 3600 foot house, with almost a half acre lot, for 290k. (If you want more information, there are several available, just send me an email) It is in a great area of West Jordan and is ideal for what we have been looking for. If you have a chance to consider buying a house I would look at it now. We are likely to see interest rates rising in the next few months as the election hits and the market goes cold for the Winter.

I am always up to discuss real estate and finance issues, two heads are better than one as they say. Getting the perspective of others is always very enlightening to my own paradigm. Please contact me if you have anything you would like to discuss.