Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Have an opinion?

Everyone has an opinion, but few actually have the knowledge necessary to substantiate their view. I live within the boundaries of the most disrupted school district in Utah. Because of this I am constantly hearing people talk about how poorly our school administration is doing in handling the problems they are facing. Although the problems are definitely severe, most of the opinions I am hearing seem to be based on very limited knowledge. No one seems to have anything constructive to add to the solution, they are too busy focused on the problem.

Real Estate success goes hand in hand with good problem solving. In order to be a good investor, you must have excellent skill in handling issues beyond the grasp of the common man. Anyone can do this, but it requires cultivating a strong imagination.

Rather than wasting energy on contributing to the mountain of problems, learn to find a way to reduce it.

To your success,

Geoff Dearing

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