Monday, June 22, 2009

The greatest real estate opportunity in history...

I recently came back from a real estate conference in Las Vegas where the presenter labeled this current market as the best real estate investment market in the history of the United States. Now, I am not in 100% agreement with this, but I can say that it is definitely one of the top 3 opportunities of all time. Over the next two to three years, we are going to have the opportunity as investors to be able to buy homes at drastic discounts. I am gearing up to work in my home area on Short sales and other foreclosure techniques as well as buying several rental properties out of state. You need to be careful on which techniques you use as many properties are over leveraged, in terrible markets, and will get you into serious trouble if you don't have the right strategy in mind. Make sure you educate yourself by hiring good team members to fill in the positions.

As always, if anyone is interested in a real estate coach or buying property in Utah for equity or Kansas City for Cashflow, give me a call!


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